Sam Pereless

Creator of Pereless360

I taught myself how to code one day and felt like I could get the hang of it. Started building websites for people, got hired by different solar companies, started an intiative to teach High School coding courses, currently rebuilding a County website and producing web development resources... Life goes on.

Inner City Hope USA


Inner City Hope paired up with “Team Treehouse” which is among the top online Computer Programming Courses, to bring their curriculum into the classroom at Booker High School and teach students step by step how to write code in their first credited course for coding.

SunTegra™ Solar

Integrated Solar Roof Shingles & Tiles

SunTegra™ Solar Roof Systems was in search of a way to improve their online presence and marketing of their innovative solar roof systems. Our goal was to create a website that would become the foundation for their new brand of SunTegra panels.