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Booker Project: Featured on Education Spotlight

Education Spotlight produced by The Education Channel, Sarasota County Schools. Featured: Booker High School coding class called "The Booker Project," where each student learns how to use HTML, CSS , JavaScript and JQuery to create websites and mobile apps from scratch. The Booker Project program will change the lives of students by giving them job-ready-training in the highly demanding field of technology.

Day in the Class

Timelapse of our class shows you a sped up interaction of our course with students and teaching them how to write code:

From the Desk of Principal Dr. Shelley

"As the principal of Booker High School, my personal goal is that 100% of our students will graduate college and career ready and become productive members of our society. It’s not just a goal, but a way of life at Booker High School. The majority of staff and students are working diligently to ensure that this goal becomes a reality.

So, when I was presented the opportunity to partner with Inner City Hope, I leaped at the chance because I’m convinced that this program will equip students with career readiness skills.

While I was excited about offering the Coding Program to ensure students would graduate from Booker High School with a meaningful employable skill, I had no idea that this program was going to be highly engaging and keep students in school! “I really like this class”, “this is my favorite class”, “I go home and continue working on the program”, “I am teaching my younger brother how to code”, “I’m taking the advance level next year”, “we created a website from scratch”, “I know JavaScript”, “if it were not for the Coding Program, then I probably would have dropped out of school”, are some phrases echoed by students enrolled in this course.

Booker High School’s Coding Program is not only keeping students in school, but equipping students with the necessary skills to gain meaningful employment immediately following graduation."

Dr. Rachel Shelley Principal, Booker High School

Sam Pereless Q&A with Treehouse

"Inner City Hope USA is an inspiring new program offering high school computer programming and design courses to America’s inner city youth to help guide them towards high-paying and meaningful careers in the tech industry. For the launch of their pilot program, The Booker Project at Booker High School in Sarasota, ICH USA chose Treehouse as the primary learning resource to teach 40 high school students to code."

"We caught up with Sam Pereless, CEO of ICH USA to hear more about the program, the students’ progress and the experience of bringing Treehouse to the classroom."

Created from Scratch, Check out our Student's Websites!

In a beginner course, Sam taught students how to use HTML & CSS to create their own portfolio websites from scratch. Graduating from that course Sam followed up with a more advanced course in JavaScript Basics where he taught students core programming principles such as Variables, Conditional Statements, Functions and Loops.

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