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An overhaul for Sarasota County’s website that was about five years overdue was launched Wednesday afternoon. Communications director Donn Patchen said the average life span of a website is three to five years. Although has undergone updates and refreshes, it has not been completely rebuilt in nearly a decade, Patchen said. “It’s just time,” Patchen said. “We needed to keep up with the advancing technology. We realized we wanted a website that was more customer-friendly.”

Sarasota County Administrator Tom Harmer said the website is now better linked to social media accounts as well. “By giving people access to information across a variety of platforms, we’re giving them greater access to county events, programs and services,” Harmer said.





Testimonial of Achievement

Sam worked with our Communications team for just over a year. We selected him to lead the rebuild and launch of Sarasota County Government’s website.

He served as the project manager working with the vendor, department web content groups and stakeholders. He saw challenges as opportunities and had a keen ability to remain calm under pressure.

From ensuring the project stayed on time and budget to providing users specialized, hands-on training for the website; Sam routinely rose above every expectation.

His in-depth knowledge about all things in web development never came across too technical. Sam was able to accomplish great feats at a very quick pace, and all the while keeping the team informed.

He’s left a lasting impression with our team and for the county by helping us provide better customer service for our citizens with an improved website. With the project complete, we wish Sam all the best in his future endeavors.

Jamie Carrson
Communications Manager

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