SunTegra™ Solar Roof Systems

Website Built By Pereless360

U/X Timelapse

Check out this sped up video of a click through of SunTegra Solar's website which displays it's usability and flow from page to page:

The Science in Scrolling Conversions

The key to modern web design and web marketing is achieving continuity throughout your paltform. For our scroll-based-design we created the Homepage with a "Landing Page" approach, this was done to provide information at the user's control by scrolling down at their preferred speed. If users want to learn more about specific topics they can click 'Learn More' from that section to go the page.

Optimizing Lead Generation

The best method for boosting conversions is simplicity. Our goal was to provide users an easy way to request or find information in an intuitive and convenient way. We created custom Step-By-Step forms for users looking to quickly submit an estimate, and for users reading through content we created "Pop Out Forms" that are activated by clicking a button and placed in a convenient location.

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